Hôtel des Tuileries 2 étoiles

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Hôtel 2 stars in the heart of Nîmes

Nimes is described as 'the city with an accent' -  a play on words because of the circumflex in its name (rare amongst French cities), the profound mix of antique and contemporary culture, and of course the famous accent of the midi as spoken by all true Nîmoise.  When you stay at the Hôtel des Tuileries, you will find yourself right in the heart of it all.


Arrive by train and the hotel is 5 minutes walk from the TGV station. Another 5 minutes walk from the front door is the 2000 year old roman arena (the best preserved in Europe) and just another 5 minutes on from there is the Maison Carrée - the first century temple that dominated the roman city. Directly opposite you'll find another more modern temple, this time dedicated to contemporary art - the Carré D'art designed by Norman Foster.

In addition the hotel is central to its contemporary local French community 'Quatier Notre Dame' - where bakeries, bars and restaurants; a fruit and vegetable market and a specialist wine seller buzz with the noise of day to day modern life in Nimes. Most of the breakfast table in the hotel is provided by these local traders and during your stay you can sample or stock up on regional produce as you wish.

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